Our First Glimpse Of Paradise

We finally took our first glimpse of Paradise.

White sandy beaches, hot burning sun, fruit shakes on every corner, happy hours of cocktails and cheap thai messages to relax your mind, soul and body. This is the place we wanted to be after a busy few months climbing mountains in blistering weather and constant hassle on the dirty streets in India, Krabi was like a long glass of cold, refreshing water and we drank it all in seconds.

After checking in to our little hotel in between the town and the beach our first mission was to get a motorbike for ourselves to travel from place to place. Luckily the owner of the hotel, Pom, was more than willing to help us complete this mission and rode Rich to the bike shop to help him purchase his bike.

I remember being in he room sorting our things out and gathering the things we needed for the night when I heard a ‘beep, beep’ out the window. It was Rich with the biggest smile on his lips, so chuffed to be riding a motorbike. Boys and they toys.

We set off, me being the typical back seat driver with fear raging through me, jumping at every quick movement and making sure Rich knew about it to.

This was the first few hours of our time in Krabi and the following few days required many hours spent by the beach and in the bars drinking cocktails.

On our second day we booked to go and ride an elephant. I was excited to gain this experience and to see the beast of an animal in the flesh. I could imagine riding the gigantic mammal through the jungle and admiring each huge foot step it took. The touch of its wrinkled skin and how it would it would feel against my hand.

But when we arrived there I did not gain the experience I intended.  Instead I saw the huge elephants feet chained to planks of wood. Their wrinkled skin was battered, bruised and scared by the hits they had by the people who worked there. The workers had sticks with pointy spears that they would use to get the elephants to do what they wanted. It was a site I was ashamed to be associated with and promised myself that the next time I saw and elephant it will be in the wild and nowhere near a place like this ran by arrogant young boys.

The next day we booked to go to Phi Phi Island, Maya bay. The same place Leonardo Dicaprio stared and filmed the famous movie BEACH. The day trip was full of travel by boat from coast to coast, included 2 snorkeling stops and lunch. We got picked up at 9.00am and set off. First stop was Phi Phi Island where we stopped there for 30 mins. To say the least the beach was packed with tourists, this was something we were expecting by the impressions we got by other backpackers, but we weren’t fazed by it. The place was still beautiful and you could see why they chose this location to film the famous film. It was breathtaking.

As for the snorkeling stop we saw many fish, large schools of fish which was cool. But there wasn’t much variety of fish. We jumped from the boat into the cold water. I for one have a fear of deep water and sharks and as much as I enjoyed seeing the fish in the sea I was always secretly relived when they called us all onto the boat again. Fear of the Ocean isn’t good to have when snorkeling in deep water.

Rich’s birthday, spent drinking cocktails, sun bathing, cursing around on the bike, getting a massages and chilling out. He refered it to his most enjoyable birthday he’s had in a while. Little did he know at this point the birthday ideas I had in mind for him ;-).


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